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Rebecca Cottrell - Sydney, NSW Australia

Before I had my alignment day with Wayne, I was feeling completely out of touch with myself. I was desperate to find my soul mate, but I did not even know myself well enough to know what it was I was looking for.

During my alignment day, Wayne helped me to answer my own questions by providing me with someone who was not emotionally involved in my life. He acted as a backboard from which I could bounce my own thoughts around without the fear of judgement or persecution. The biggest a-ha moment for me was when Wayne helped me to zero in on what is most important for me in a relationship. At this point I realised that I had been placing an extremely high value on things that really were not that important to me when considering potential partners.

Since my alignment day with Wayne, I have been feeling much more content in my own head. I have been able to not only get to know myself much better, but I have also been able to quickly and easily filter out men (and women) who are not a potential match for me to start a relationship (be in romantic or a friendship) with. Thank you for helping me to better know myself and what I need Wayne!

Ray Clark - Perth, WA Australia

Thank you for helping to find my perfect partner

It's so easy and pain free when you know how

I've been in so many relationships that just didn't work because we were incompatible. If I'd done your course years ago it would have saved me a lot of pain and stress.

Your course is logical and it works. I also learnt a few things about myself along the way that have served to strengthen the bond with my lovely lady.

It was money well spent and I would recommend your course to anyone who is serious about finding their perfect partner

Vicki Bond - Perth, WA Australia

Completing this course with Wayne was in depth and eye opening. I truly believe I would have wanted to do this course years ago and my life would have been so much more productive.

Wayne is so patient and nothing is too hard or wrong time for him.

Now I'm more in-tune with me I feel confident about finding my partner.

Thank you Wayne

Christopher Duncan - Gold Coast, QLD Australia

I have had the privilege of knowing Wayne Brown for over seven years now and in that time I have seen him transform personally, I've seen him take care of people, create massive change in others, I know that he cares deeply.

He is more obsessed about your results than nearly anyone I know. This is not just a vocation, this isn't just a passion, this is his purpose, so if you're reading this and you're thinking even a little bit about working with Wayne, just do it, just frigging do it. He will do everything that he says, he's totally in integrity, he's never let me down and he won't let you down.

Just go ahead and take action on this today before it's too late.

Kelly Pellow - Perth, WA Australia

I really enjoyed my time working with Wayne. He has a great sense of humour, is kind, caring and really gets you thinking about what you want. It was fun and exciting to learn a new way to meet people and work through some of my limiting beliefs about relationships.

Harriet Worth - Melbourne, VIC Australia

Wayne is a non-judgemental, solution based man with empathy and understanding for any situation imaginable. Trained by some of the best I believe it's possible to say Wayne is the perfect guy to help you get your life back on track. You're a legend and it's a pleasure to know you. I recommend Wayne as a Coach.

Katherine Kwee - Perth, WA Australia

Wayne was open, friendly and honest. He had great tips on how to tackle even the littlest stuff. He shifted the way I was thinking giving a new light. I found that very encouraging.

Remember, your best life is within reach – let us help you align with it.

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