Results are what we are all seeking in our lives. Here are the ways that we can assist you.

At Life Back On Track, we understand that people learn differently, have preferred ways to take in new information, and absorb new concepts. That's why we have a number of options. Some are up and running, some are being developed currently and some are coming soon.

The Five Day Alignment Journey

The "Five Day Alignment Journey" is an introductory course presenting the concept of realigning with your authentic self. When we start in life we are full of dreams, hopes, and goals. As we go along in life we are often subtly influenced and pushed off-course and occasionally we are pushed off course. These things lead to a feeling of something not being right and it can cause a lot of unease in our lives. This FREE course explains misalignment and how it affects every aspect of our lives. Misalignment in one of those things that can keep us from attaining our desired results because of how deep seated the misalignment can be. To find out more about the course and how to join in, just click HERE.

The Single To Relationship Fast Track

"The Single To Relationship Fast Track" is a comprehensive and practical guide designed to streamline the journey from "qualifying" a potential partner, through dating to a committed, meaningful relationship. This course empowers participants with essential skills and insights to navigate the complexities of building a strong and lasting romantic connection. By breaking down the process into manageable steps, participants will gain clarity, confidence, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential partners. To find out more and get started, click HERE.

Parenting From Start To Finish (Coming Real Soon)

The "Parenting From Start To Finish" Course offers practical guidance to navigate the challenges and joys of parenting through different age ranges. Designed to provide clear insights and strategies, the course covers four distinct developmental stages, offering tailored advice for each age group. From infancy to adolescence, this course equips parents with the tools needed to foster a healthy and supportive environment for their child's growth. To find out more and get started click HERE.

Conflict Resolution Solutions (Coming Real Soon)

The "Conflict Resolution Solutions" course is designed to equip participants with essential skills and strategies to effectively manage and resolve conflicts in various personal and professional contexts. Conflict is an inevitable part of human interaction, but with the right tools, individuals can transform conflicts into opportunities for growth, collaboration, and improved relationships. Effectively dealing with conflict also increases confidence and motivation. To find out more and get started click HERE.

Rediscover Your Authentic Aligned Self (Coming Real Soon)

"Rediscover Your Authentic Aligned Self" builds on our free introductory course. Being aligned with your authentic self makes many aspects of improving your life easier. This is because re-aligning assists in getting you past more obstacles because of how it points them out and minimises them. It also gives you clarity over what is important to you and where you should focus your efforts to achieve your results with the least resistance and effort. To find out more and get started click


One-To-Group Coaching

One-To-Group Coaching is a weekly online 90 minute coaching session which focuses on a theme to explore and extrapolate on. Questions are welcomed and are submitted before the session which is held alternating Tuesdays and Sundays. The one-to-group coaching is a subscription basis so there are no contracts. It can be bundled onto a course for you to gain a more personalised journey as Wayne assists you in going deeper into what you need to know. To find out more and get started click


One-To-One Coaching

One-To-One Coaching is for people who want to focus only on their results and get them as quickly as possible. This form of coaching is by application only as Wayne wants to ensure that it is the best use of your time, effort, and money as well as his time and efforts. To find out more, to complete an application and if approved, get started, click HERE.

Book Series and Accompanying Courses (Scheduled for creation)

Some people like to learn by reading and some learn by watching and some learn by doing. For those that like all three methods, we have our book and accompanying course bundles. You can have a digital book, a physical book, and an online course that focus on all manner of things. This means you can complete the course where you will have everything explained and in the book you will be given more information, exercises, and challenges. To find out more and get started click HERE.

Workshops (In-person and Online)

We occasionally host workshops and these are generally announced through our newsletter. To be notifed of what upcoming workshops we have, make sure to subscribe. If you would like to knwo what sort of workshops we host, you can click HERE to find out more.

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