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We love books. You can learn from books, you can explore books, you can be inspired by books, you can get lost in books, and you can also write books. That's what we are doing. Each of the following books are in the schedule to be written and released as a digital book, a physical book and an accompanying course. If you have a preference as to a particular book being written first, then send us a quick message in whatever form you prefer and we'll give Wayne a poke.

#1 - Your Simplified Guide To Re-Aligning Your Misaligned Life

Ever felt like your life's GPS took a wrong turn? In this witty and relatable guide, author Wayne Brown takes you on a rollercoaster journey from misalignment to meaningful living. Drawing from personal experiences and a dash of pop psychology, this book serves up a blend of humour, heart-to-heart anecdotes, and practical advice for anyone who's ever felt like life's puzzle pieces just don't fit.

Through a series of laugh-out-loud stories, Wayne shares his own misadventures in career chaos, relationship rigmaroles, and purpose pandemonium. But fear not, because each hilarious blunder is a stepping stone towards discovering the roadmap to realignment. From embracing unexpected plot twists to learning the art of saying 'no' without guilt, you'll find yourself nodding along and scribbling notes in the margins.

Ditch the cookie-cutter expectations and embrace the zigzag path that is uniquely yours. With chapters like "Embracing the Craziness: A Masterclass in Adapting to Curveballs" and "Friendship Detox: Marie Kondo Your Social Circle," this book isn't just a guide; it's your hilarious confidante and kick-in-the-pants mentor rolled into one.

If you're ready to break up with perfectionism, laugh through your mishaps, and dance to the beat of your own offbeat drum, this volume of "Your Simplified Guide..." is your invitation to journey through the messiness and find the magic. Get ready to realign, rejoice, and rediscover what it truly means to live - missteps and all.

#2 - Your Simplified Guide To Mastering Your Mindset

Get ready to transform your life with "Your Simplified Guide To Mastering Your Mindset"! In this captivating and down-to-earth guide, author Wayne takes you on an exhilarating journey into the power of your own mind. From his first experience with meditation and his P.E. teacher to making massive change in a short period of time in his later years, this journey will keep you engaged.

No more feeling stuck or held back – discover how to break free from self-limiting beliefs, conquer doubt, and cultivate a mindset primed for success. With relatable anecdotes, actionable tips, and a splash of humor, this book reveals the secrets to rewiring your thoughts, embracing challenges, and fostering a resilient attitude. Whether you're chasing career goals, seeking personal fulfillment, or striving for happiness, "Your Simplified Guide To Mastering Your Mindset" equips you with the tools to overcome obstacles, unlock your potential, and create the life you've always envisioned. Get ready to laugh, learn, and leap beyond your comfort zone – your journey to mastering your mindset starts here!"

#3 - Your Simplified Guide To Understanding Your Emotions

Buckle up for an emotion-packed ride as this book takes you on a journey through the wild landscape of your feelings! In "Your Simplified Guide To Understanding Your Emotions," you'll discover a refreshing and down-to-earth guide to understanding and embracing your emotions like never before. From the exhilarating highs of joy and passion to the lows of sadness and frustration, this book dives headfirst into the sea of human emotions.

With a mix of relatable anecdotes, real-life examples, and a dash of humor, this book unravels the complexities of emotions, making them accessible to everyone. No PhD in psychology required! Whether you're riding the wave of happiness or caught in the storm of anxiety, you'll find practical tips for recognizing, accepting, and navigating your feelings.

Get ready to learn how to befriend your emotions, instead of wrestling with them. Through engaging stories and practical advice, "Your Simplified Guide..." empowers you to cultivate emotional intelligence, improve your relationships, and ultimately lead a more authentic and fulfilling life. So, if you're up for an emotional adventure that will leave you laughing, nodding in recognition, and armed with newfound self-awareness, this book is your boarding pass!

#4 - Your Simplified Guide To Conversation And Communication

Dive into the captivating world of human connection with this insightful exploration of conversation and communication. In this engaging book, the author takes you on a journey through the intricacies of dialogue, revealing the unspoken dynamics that shape our interactions.

Through relatable anecdotes, witty observations, and practical tips, this edition of "Your Simplified Guide To..." unveils the secrets of effective communication, from the nuances of body language to the power of active listening. Whether you're a seasoned social butterfly or someone who shies away from small talk, this book offers a fresh perspective on how to foster meaningful connections in both personal and professional realms.

Prepare to laugh, nod in recognition, and discover a newfound appreciation for the conversations that shape our lives. With its blend of psychology, humour, and real-world examples, this book is your guide to mastering the art of conversation and creating lasting bonds with everyone you meet.

#5 - Your Simplified Guide To Conflict Resolution

Ready to kiss those heated arguments goodbye? Dive into "Your Simplified Guide To Conflict Resolution" πŸš€ This isn't your typical self-help book – it's your ultimate guide to resolving conflicts like a pro. Whether it's squabbles with your roommate over unwashed dishes or that colossal fallout at work, this book spills the tea on communication tricks that turn clashes into conversations. Conflict is usually borne out of a completely inability to navigate miscommunication, misunderstanding, inability to effectively articulate what you want to say and to be able to send and receive our innermost thoughts. From active listening Jedi mind tricks to ninja-level empathy, you'll learn strategies to untangle tension, build bridges, and emerge victorious from even the stickiest of situations. In fact with the tools and processes in this book you will be able to kiss conflict almost completely goodbye. Get ready to conquer conflicts – and emerge as the unsung hero of harmonious relationships!"

#6 - Your Simplified Guide To Effective Dating For All Ages

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of romance has never been more exciting! In this witty and insightful guide, relationship guru Wayne Brown spills the beans on how to conquer the dating scene, no matter your age. Whether you're a fresh-faced 20-something or a fabulous 50-something, this book is your secret weapon to mastering the art of attraction.

Throw outdated dating rules out the window as Wayne dishes out candid advice, hilarious anecdotes, and practical tips that defy generational stereotypes. From crafting a killer online profile that'll make hearts race to decoding those cryptic text messages, you'll learn how to stand out in the swipes and clicks era. But it's not just about the digital game – Wayne takes you offline too, revealing foolproof icebreakers, date ideas that spark instant chemistry, and how to gracefully exit if things fizzle.

Get ready to boost your confidence, revamp your approach, and embrace your unique charm at any stage of life. With this edition of "Your Simplified Guide To...," you'll laugh, learn, and ultimately land the date of your dreams – because age is just a number, but the thrill of romance is timeless. Your romantic journey starts now!

#7 - Your Simplified Guide To Creating A High-Quality Relationship

Ready to dive into the ultimate guide on crafting a top-notch relationship? Look no further! In this edition of "Your Simplified Guide To..." author Wayne Brown dishes out a delightful blend of expert advice, personal anecdotes, and a touch of humour to help you forge the kind of connection you've always dreamed of.

From decoding the mysteries of effective communication and mastering the art of negotiation to igniting and maintaining that irresistible spark, this book covers it all. Whether you're in the honeymoon phase or celebrating decades together, you'll uncover gems of wisdom to keep the flames of passion alive and the partnership thriving.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of real relationships, as Wayne shares heartwarming stories and valuable lessons learned along the way. With practical tips, heartfelt guidance, and a down-to-earth approach, "Your Simplified Guide To Creating A High-Quality Relationship" is your go-to manual for building, nourishing, and savouring a high-quality relationship that stands the test of time.

Get ready to unleash the secrets to lasting love, one page at a time!"

#8 - Your Simplified Guide To Parenting From Start To Finish

Buckle up for a wild ride through the hilarious, heartwarming, and downright chaotic journey of parenthood! In this must-read guide, author and experienced parent, Wayne Brown, takes you on a no-holds-barred adventure from the first pregnancy test to the bittersweet moment of watching your fledglings leave the nest and beyond.

With a mix of relatable anecdotes, practical advice, and a healthy dose of humour, "Your Simplified Guide To Parenting From Start To Finish" covers it all. Discover the art of decoding baby cries, surviving sleepless nights (caffeine becomes your BFF), and the unexpected benefits of a well-placed baby gate. Toddler tantrums? Check. Navigating the treacherous waters of playdates and PTA meetings? Double-check.

But it doesn't stop there! As your kids grow, so do the challenges. Wayne is your parenting guru, guiding you through potty training triumphs and disasters, the magical world of teenage angst, and how to master the delicate balance between giving them wings and keeping them close.

Whether you're a soon-to-be parent looking for a heads-up on the adventure ahead, or a seasoned pro in need of a good laugh and a reminder that you're not alone, "Your Simplified Guide To Parenting From Start To Finish" is your trusty companion. Get ready to embrace the mess, the milestones, and the moments that make parenting the wildest, most rewarding ride of all.

#9 - Your Simplified Guide To Parenting And Childing

Ever wondered what it's truly like to be both the captain and the crew on the rollercoaster journey of parenthood? In this heartwarming and eye-opening book, "Your Simplified Guide To Parenting And Childing" author, Wayne Brown delves into the untold story of raising kids from not just one, but two unique viewpoints: that of the parent and the child.

From the exasperatingly adorable toddler years to the tumultuous teens, this book is a candid exploration of the joys, challenges, and moments that make up the intricate tapestry of family life. Experience the parent's side, as they navigate sleepless nights, school projects, and the endless search for that elusive parenting manual. Then, flip the page to uncover the unfiltered voice of the child, sharing the excitement of discovery, the rebellion of independence, and the sometimes puzzling rules set by the all-knowing adults.

Through humour, empathy, and a dash of nostalgia, this edition of "Your Simplified Guide To..." bridges the gap between these two worlds, offering insights that resonate with every parent who's ever whispered a bedtime story or wrestled with a stubborn shoelace. It's a book that celebrates the messy, beautiful, and utterly human experience of raising a child while letting that child grow. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey that unveils the highs, lows, and everything in between, reminding us that in the end, both parent and child are navigating this adventure together.

#10 - Your Simplified Guide To Release The Man Within

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment in this groundbreaking book. Tired of society's narrow definitions of masculinity? Yearning to break free from the chains of outdated stereotypes? Look no further.

In "Your Simplified Guide To Release the Man Within," author and life coach Wayne Brown challenges conventional notions of what it means to be a man in today's world. With a mix of personal anecdotes, insightful research, and practical advice, Wayne invites you to explore the depths of your authentic self. Discover the untapped potential, strength, and vulnerability that define your true masculine essence.

Through candid discussions on topics ranging from emotional intelligence and relationships to career aspirations and personal growth, this book provides a roadmap for every man's unique journey. Wayne's engaging writing style and relatable approach make it feel like you're having a conversation with a trusted friend.

Prepare to shatter barriers, embrace your passions unapologetically, and forge meaningful connections that enrich your life. Whether you're seeking to enhance your self-confidence, redefine success on your terms, or cultivate healthier relationships, "...Release the Man Within" will empower you to navigate life's challenges with newfound wisdom and authenticity.

If you're ready to break free from societal moulds and embark on a path of genuine self-expression, this book is your ultimate companion. It's time to release the man and masculine within you – unfiltered, unapologetic, and undeniable.

#11 - Your Simplified Guide To Releasing The Woman Within

"Your Simplified Guide To Releasing The Woman Within" is a heartfelt and empowering journey that invites every woman to rediscover and celebrate the incredible power of her true self. In this beautifully crafted book, readers will embark on a transformational adventure, guided by personal stories, insightful anecdotes, and practical exercises. From shattering societal norms to embracing vulnerability, from nurturing self-love to igniting untamed creativity, this book is a roadmap for releasing the unapologetic woman and untapped feminine energy within. Written with warmth and authenticity, "Unleash Her" is not just a bookβ€”it's a companion for women ready to break free from limitations, embrace authenticity, and create a life that's as vibrant and diverse as the colours of their own souls. Even though it is written by a man, it is written from a position of need and requirement just as much as from a position of support and encouragement. So grab a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, sisterhood, and empowerment like no other.

#12 - Your Simplified Guide To Igniting Your Relationship

Has the sizzle in your relationship been replaced by a humdrum routine? Fear not! In this game-changing guide to reinvigorating your love life, you'll discover the secrets to recapturing the electrifying energy of those early, intoxicating days. Drawing on psychological insights, real-life anecdotes, and a touch of cheeky humour, "Your Simplified Guide To Igniting Your Relationship" takes you on a journey of rediscovery.

Author Wayne Brown offers a refreshing take on reigniting the flames, showing you how to infuse spontaneity into everyday moments. From surprise date nights that'll make your heart race, to communication techniques that'll leave you both breathless with understanding, this book is a roadmap to reliving and reviving the magic.

Whether you've been together for a few years or a few decades, "Your Simplified Guide To Igniting Your Relationship" equips you with playful exercises, heartfelt advice, and a renewed sense of purpose in your relationship. Get ready to banish the mundane, break free from the ordinary, and embrace a love that's not only enduring, but hotter than ever. Say goodbye to the relationship rut, and get ready to fan those flames!

#13 - Your Simplified Guide To Finances And Abundance

Get ready to kickstart your journey to a life of boundless abundance with "Your Simplified Guide To Finances And Abundance". In this captivating guide, financial "expert" and life coach, Wayne Brown, takes you on an eye-opening adventure into the world of wealth – not just in terms of money, but in every aspect of life.

With a refreshing and informal tone, Wayne breaks down complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand nuggets of wisdom. From budgeting hacks that actually work, to debunking myths about wealth, this book is your go-to companion for navigating the often-confusing realm of personal finances. But it doesn't stop at money – This edition of "Your Simplified Guide To..." delves into cultivating enriching relationships, fostering personal growth, and nurturing a mindset of abundance.

Through relatable anecdotes and actionable advice, Wayne unveils the secrets to creating wealth from the inside out. Discover how gratitude and mindfulness can transform your relationship with money, and learn to recognise opportunities that lead to prosperity in unexpected ways. Whether you're a finance novice or a seasoned pro, this book will empower you to live a truly wealthy life – one filled with financial freedom, vibrant relationships, and a sense of fulfilment that knows no bounds.

If you're ready to break free from limiting beliefs, embrace a holistic sense of abundance, and take charge of your financial destiny, "Your Simplified Guide To Finances And Abundance"' is your ultimate guide. Get ready to rewrite your story and live a life where wealth flourishes in every form!"

#14 - Your Simplified Guide To Life Lessons From The Elders

Get ready to embark on a journey of timeless wisdom and heartfelt stories in "Your Simplified Guide To Life Lessons From The Elders". This captivating book takes you deep into the lives of remarkable elders who have weathered life's storms and emerged as beacons of insight. Through candid conversations and personal anecdotes, these seasoned individuals share the invaluable lessons they've gleaned from a lifetime of experiences.

From tales of love and loss to nuggets of advice on navigating careers and relationships, this edition of "Your Simplified Guide To..." offers a treasure trove of guidance that transcends generations. Whether it's the art of resilience in the face of adversity or the secret to finding joy in the simplest moments, these elders' words resonate with a profound authenticity that's hard to come by.

In a world often fixated on the latest trends and fleeting fads, this book serves as a gentle reminder of the enduring power of human connection and the deep well of wisdom that only a life well-lived can provide. Each chapter is a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable tapestry of life, woven together by threads of laughter, tears, and the immeasurable wealth of experience.

"Your Simplified Guide To Life Lessons From The Elders" is more than a collection of stories – it's a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human journey. Whether you're a young seeker of wisdom or simply looking to embrace the fullness of life, this book is an invitation to sit at the feet of those who've walked the path before us and to learn from the echoes of their extraordinary lives."

#15 - Your Simplified Guide To The Life Lessons I Have Learned Vol1

Get ready to dive into a rollercoaster of wisdom, humour, and real-talk anecdotes in "...The Life Lessons I Have Realised Vol 1". In this candid and refreshingly down-to-earth book, Wayne bares it all, sharing the hard-earned life lessons that have sculpted him into the person that he is today. With a mix of personal stories that make you chuckle, cringe, and nod in agreement, this book is like having a heart-to-heart chat with a close friend who's been through it all.

From navigating heartbreak to conquering imposter syndrome, Wayne holds nothing back as they recount the highs and lows of their journey. Each chapter is a treasure trove of advice that's as practical as it is profound. Whether it's learning to embrace failure, finding the courage to chase dreams, or mastering the art of self-care, this book is a beacon of light for anyone tired of stumbling through life's trials.

"...The Life Lessons I Have Realised Vol 1" isn't just another self-help book; it's a soul-nourishing guide filled with relatable stories that reassure you that you're not alone in your struggles. Wayne's candid storytelling and no-nonsense insights will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take on whatever life throws your way. So grab a cup of coffee, cozy up, and get ready to discover a treasure trove of life lessons that'll save you from unnecessary pain and lead you towards a path of resilience, growth, and unapologetic authenticity."

#16 - Your Simplified Guide To The Life Lessons I Have Learned Vol2

Get ready to dive into a treasure trove of real talk and hard-earned wisdom in "...The Life Lessons I Have Realised Vol 2". In this candid and captivating book, Wayne bares it all, sharing a rollercoaster ride of personal experiences and the invaluable lessons they've birthed. From heartbreak to triumph, Wayne holds nothing back as they recount tales of resilience, mishaps, and victories that have sculpted their unique perspective on life.

With a mixture of raw storytelling and no-nonsense advice, this book is a roadmap for those looking to sidestep unnecessary pain and find shortcuts to growth. Each chapter is a heartfelt conversation with a trusted friend, as Wayne reflects on everything from the art of embracing failure to the power of self-compassion. Through relatable anecdotes and hard-earned insights, you'll discover how to navigate the stormy seas of relationships, career choices, and personal development.

"...The Life Lessons I Have Realised Vol 2" isn't just a book – it's a life raft for anyone seeking solace, guidance, and a little bit of humour amidst the chaos. Wayne's lived experiences serve as both cautionary tales and beacons of hope, reminding us that we're not alone in our struggles. Whether you're a young adult trying to find your footing or someone in need of a fresh perspective, this book is a testament to the fact that wisdom is often born from the toughest times. So buckle up, grab a cozy seat, and get ready to glean the kind of insights that can only come from a journey as unique as Wayne's."

#17 - Your Simplified Guide To Love The Life You Live

Get ready to dive into a life-changing journey with "Your Simplified Guide To Love The Life You Live". In this enchanting book, author Wayne Brown takes you by the hand and leads you through the transformative landscape of cultivating a life filled with boundless love, effortless flow, and unbreakable connections.

With a blend of relatable anecdotes, practical advice, and soul-stirring wisdom, this book is your go-to guide for breaking free from the shackles of stress and embracing the radiant existence you deserve. Discover how to weave a tapestry of joy through each day, navigate challenges with grace, and craft an existence where every moment feels like a work of art.

Through Wayne's heartfelt storytelling, you'll uncover secrets to living authentically, embracing your passions, and fostering deep connections with both yourself and those around you. Say goodbye to the mundane and embark on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of a life filled with ease, flow, and unending joy.

"Your Simplified Guide To Love The Life You Live" is more than a bookβ€”it's a roadmap to a life where each sunrise brings excitement, and each sunset is a reflection of gratitude. If you're ready to step into a reality where love infuses every action, where your path is guided by the gentle currents of flow, and where joy becomes your constant companion, this book is your ultimate companion. Get ready to transform your life, one blissful page at a time."

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